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I was scared to death / I could have died of joy

Interactive new technology installation composed of stainless steel 'clean' tables located at opposite ends of an unlit room; fibre optic lighting is suspended above each table illuminating cradled glass tubes containing a glass model of a half brain and spinal cord. As the spectator approaches one of them, the light goes out and the brain appears to pulsate (the tube is evacuated and the electrode is excited by a high voltage circuit similar to the cathode ray tube); each tube has its individual succession of rhythmic patterns and luminescence. When touching the tube, plasma rises up to meet the hand, connecting the spectator to the circuit, in other words 'plugged in'. The pulsating patterns are based on scientific research conducted on the brain's electromagnetic behaviour.

Stainless steel, glass, electronics, electrodes, electron guns, luminescent gases, fibreoptic lights. Dimensions variable.

All technical equipment is supplied and part of the piece. Technical instructions and support can be provided as negotiated.

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